Brick Piggy Pottery by Deanna O'Neill is uniquely handmade. No two pieces are exactly alike and all pieces are imperfectly perfect and a little all of us. If you believe life should be fun with a dash of whimsy and show some of its flaws from time to time, you will love Brick Piggy's Pottery.

Deanna O'Neill is an artist living in Andover, MA and working out of The Clay School in Lynn, MA. She has been practicing ceramics on and off for nearly 20 years. Deanna studied painting in undergrad but as part of a well-rounded curriculum took a few ceramics classes. It was during these classes that her love for pottery began. Pottery has allowed Deanna to explore form and function while incorporating stylistic motifs in each piece. She finds inspiration in the world around her but is especially inspired by nature. Her forms are soft and often curvaceous, feminine, and colorful. When not at the studio Deanna enjoys spending time with her husband, daughter, and dog. She is especially fond of lazy afternoons snuggled under a blanket drinking a cup of tea or coffee and reading a good book. 

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